10 Best Photography Mobile Apps to Help You Capture Perfect Pictures in 2022

There’s nothing like the feeling of capturing an incredible photo with your smartphone. While many people struggle to get the shot just right, some apps can take some of the hassles out of this process. The following 10 photography mobile apps are expected to help you better capture incredible photos and videos in 2022, so keep an eye out for them on your next smartphone update!

1) Actiongram – Android only

Actiongram is a mobile app for taking videos with realistic background blur. The popular social media sharing service Instagram currently does not support video capture, but it’s definitely on its roadmap. When that happens, don’t be surprised if it looks an awful lot like Actiongram.

2) Life Adder – iOS only

Taking pictures is only half of what you want from a photography app. The other half is knowing that your pictures are worth something, and that’s where Life Adder comes in. With augmented reality features like facial recognition and tagging, it’s possible to capture that perfect image and know it will be recognized by others when shared online or displayed at home.

3) VSCO Cam – iOS only

VSCO Cam is an iOS-only camera app that has some of the best filters and most advanced manual controls of any app on our list. It’s also not free: It costs $5 a month if you want complete access to all its features. But as a mobile photography enthusiast, it’s worth it if you’re into sharing your images online and want full control over how they look.

4) Kinemaster -Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

Kinemaster is a simple and intuitive application designed for mobile devices that you can use not only for taking pictures but also as a video editor. Import videos and photos from your device or other resources and create stories with transitions, filters, audio tracks, and titles. You can also upload your creations directly to social networks like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Tumblr.

5) Camera+ -iOS only

Camera+ is an app that helps you take better pictures. It has built-in editing options and effects, so you can easily manipulate your photos without ever leaving the app. When you’re done, save them to your camera roll or share them on social media. Photojojo Camera for iPad: The Photojojo Camera is a clever app for your iPad, and it’s our favorite choice for people who want something more than just filters and editing tools.

6) Color Story -Android only

If you’re like most smartphone photographers, you don’t have a DSLR. And although your smartphone’s camera is pretty good for quick snapshots, it can be difficult to create images with nuanced colors, like those from professional cameras. That’s where Color Story comes in. The app taps into its database of over 150 million photographs taken by people around the world and analyzes their colors using data science.

7) Fuzel Pro -Android and iOS

This is one of my favorites because it allows you to not only do mobile editing (which I use it for mainly) but also lets you turn your phone into a real camera and blur backgrounds. This app won the best photo and video app by Google Play last year, so they must be doing something right.

8) Google Camera -Android only

The cameras built into smartphones have become increasingly sophisticated, with some devices even boasting optical zoom capabilities. But with so many powerful and advanced models available, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. One solution is a camera app that works on all of your devices. Google Camera allows you to control focus and exposure settings, apply filters, and change perspectives within each photo after you take it.

9) Manual Camera -iOS only

Manual Camera is a good alternative to other camera apps if you want more control over your photos. It includes most of everything else found in other apps, including filters and effects. A downside is that you have to remember how all of its features work, though, with some practice, it should be second nature. The best part about Manual Camera is that it’s free without any ads or in-app purchases.

10) Snapseed -Android, iOS, and Web

This app is one of my favorites for editing photos. It’s free, easy to use, and does a great job. Snapseed (by Google) is known for its strength with mobile photography apps, and it serves up a huge range of tools—including filters, adjustments, textures, and borders—for you to play around with your photos. It’s intuitive enough that even beginners can figure out how to use it but has enough functions that more advanced users will keep coming back for more.